Last Updated: 12/18/23

The Full-Stack AI Developer Toolkit

Get instant-access to 100+ curated resources to help you develop and deploy your AI apps. Discover free tools, courses, ready-to-deploy SaaS templates, and more.

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Here's exactly what's included.

The AI handbook for developers, freelancers, and entrepreneurs.
All for a price of $0.


Over a hundred tools, tutorials, and practical resources

We carefully curated the best resources available for Full-Stack AI Development. So that you don't have to waste your precious time.

Guides & Tutorials

In-depth guides on essential AI topics

From a complete beginner's guide to a module on fine-tuning. If you want to learn, we've got you covered.


Complex topics, simplified.

With helpful diagrams and analogies, we break down complex AI topics into easy-to-understand bites of knowledge.

Is your career future-proof?

Generative AI has taken the tech industry by storm.
Master it or be replaced.

Whether you're an engineer, an entrepreneur, or a freelancer, mastering generative AI will give you a competitive edge.

Generative AI engineers are making $900k/year (with only 5 years of experience). In the freelancing realm, AI freelancers make $14,200 more per year than their non-AI counterparts. Similarly, the vast majority of new startups in Silicone Valley are AI-based.

Learning to use AI is no longer a choice, but a necessity. Get your free AI roadmap by downloading the Full-Stack AI Developer Toolkit.

Jobs to be replaced with AI by 2025
85 million
Projected increase of AI jobs in 6 years
AI startups in Y Combinator S'2023

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